Oneida Towers II

About this Project

Crystal Structures provided an upscale glass canopy entryway and adjoining lean-to glazed structures for Oneida Towers II, an affordable housing community for the elderly and disabled located in Oneida, NY. This welcoming canopy serves both form and function – offering shelter from the weather while making coming home a pleasant experience for residents.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

Spanning 30 feet wide, the overhead glass canopy joins with two vertical lean-to style glazed structures on either side. This unique design was specially created for Oneida Towers II by Crystal Structures. Underneath the canopy, seating on either side gives residents a place to enjoy fresh air while being protected from sun, wind, and rain.

The glazed structures and canopy transform an otherwise plain affordable housing entrance into an architecturally striking and uplifting space. Not only beautiful, the durable materials were chosen to withstand years of heavy use and weather in the upstate New York climate. Crystal Structures’ custom canopy and lean-tos provide both curb appeal and a comfortable, covered outdoor area for Oneida Towers II residents.

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