Oneida Towers II

About this Project

Named for the Oneida Indians, Oneida NY is a small town community centrally located between Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, Boston, and NYC.  Home to the world’s smallest church and Oneida tableware (founded in 1880), this community was built on a pedestrian scale.  Everything is easily accessible within walking or biking distance.  That’s one of the reasons that almost 12,000 people call Oneida NY home.   It’s also becoming a desired location to settle for people who work remotely from home.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier
Oneida Towers II is just one of 3 affordable housing communities designated for the elderly and disabled.

Located at 226 Farrier Ave, Oneida Towers offers Section 8 housing in its 140 units.  The rents are subsidized through the HUD program. Residents pay based on their income levels. The median income in Oneida is just over $35,00 per year.

When the tower was built, Crystal Structures provided an upscale glass canopy entryway that offers shelter from the weather and makes coming home a welcoming experience.

The entry consists of a large, 30′ wide canopy over lean-to-style glazed structures with vertical glazing where the structures join with the overhead glass canopy.  This is a unique structure that was specially designed for the Oneida Towers.  Under the canopy, along the sides, are tables with shade umbrellas so residents can have a place to take in the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors without being subject to rain or winds.  Get more information on our canopy systems here.