Thibodaux Wellness Center

About this Project

Facing a crisis of obesity and diabetes combined with rising health care costs, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center decided to make an investment in the future of  Lafourche, La, and surrounding parishes.  The Thibodaux Wellness Center combines the latest in technology and prevention in an over 220,000 sq ft facility.   The facility includes fitness, education, rehabilitation, and sports and wellness combined with the medical professionals and specialists you would expect from a top-rate hospital.

Thibodaux Wellness Center
Installation Pick

Glass skylights help with LEED certification

While the facility was built to help members of the community make healthy choices and improve their quality of life, the building itself was designed to be friendly to the environment.  To qualify for LEED certification the building includes:

  • Regenerative elevator braking systems that use the gravity of the elevator movement for power
  • Solar hot water heating that will provide more than 2 percent of the building’s total annual energy cost
  • Water-efficient landscape irrigation that will reduce water use by 50 percent
  • LED fixtures and motion sensors that will reduce lighting power consumption by 34 percent annually and
  • Energy performance that will save $148,114 annually

As part of the energy performance criteria in the LEED certification, Crystal Structures installed a 149′ long ridgeline glass skylight and two 13′ glass skylights that will provide ample daylight, reducing the need for electrical lighting during the day.

Each of the elements supplied by Crystal Structures is environmentally friendly and contributes to LEED requirements.  At the Thibodaux Wellness Center, the aluminum extrusions and gaskets are made with recycled materials.  And the silicon sealant meets VOC requirements. We’re proud to have products that not only contribute to a healthy lifestyle; they are attractive and earth-friendly too!