Thibodaux Wellness Center

About this Project

As part of an effort to combat obesity and rising healthcare costs, the Thibodaux Regional Medical Center built an over 220,000 sq ft wellness facility to promote healthy lifestyles. To align with this mission, the building was designed for LEED certification with several green features.

Thibodaux Wellness Center
Installation Pick

​One key component was the installation of skylights to provide natural lighting and reduce electricity usage. Crystal Structures supplied a 149′ ridgeline glass skylight and two 13′ glass skylights that allow ample daylight into the facility.

The skylights from Crystal Structures help the building achieve several LEED criteria:

  • Energy performance – the natural lighting will save $148,114 in electricity annually
  • Use of recycled materials – the aluminum extrusions and gaskets are made with recycled content
  • VOC emissions – the silicon sealant meets low VOC requirements

In addition to environmental benefits, the skylights create an open, inviting atmosphere in the wellness center through beautiful natural light. Crystal Structures is proud to supply products that not only look attractive, but also contribute to healthy and sustainable building design.

The Thibodaux Regional Medical Center Wellness Facility stands as a model for green construction focused on community health and wellbeing. Crystal Structures’ custom skylights play an integral role in helping the building achieve LEED certification.