Gordon County College and Career Academy

About this Project

The Gordon County College and Career Academy offers a wide range of courses to help students jumpstart their careers.  With six campuses across Georgia, GCC always has students coming and going, learning about topics in business, health, industry, and public service. Annual enrollment is at 8,249 students making GCC is part of the largest college in northwest Georgia and the fifth-largest technical college in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Northwestern Technical College
Georgia Northwestern Technical College

When any of these scholars visit the Gordon County campus, they are first welcomed by the vast transit cover overlooking the drop-off parking area manufactured by Crystal Structures.  Whether picking up or dropping off, having the cover of this curved structure is a benefit to all who visit the campus.

This structure stretches just over 184′ in length and the curved poly canopy reaches out 12′ to provide protection from the elements as students leave their transportation.

Learn more about our canopy systems here.