Krehbiel Science Center 

About this Project

Adam Mueller of North Newton Kansas was known for developing his own varieties of irises and daylilies.  His goal was to develop the wanted to produce and grow the most beautiful iris in the world.  While you may never have met Adam Mueller, the students at Bethel College, located in North Newton, certainly know his name.  His family donated the funds for the plant preparation room, part of the new “Lattner Conservatory” on the third floor.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

Greenhouse growing in a conservatory

The greenhouse/conservatory allows students of ecology, botany, and environmental studies to use the plants in classes and labs.  Biology students spend time dissecting leaves or stems and ecology classes conduct lab experiments.  Environmental classes observe the effects of environmental changes in the conservatory on the plants.  Everyone has an opportunity to learn from the conservatory.

The greenhouse is heated from below as well as gaining the heat from sunlight so the temperature stays consistent year-round.

Automatic lighting has also been installed to make the best use of natural light when available.

The initial plants were donated by area nurseries but it didn’t take long for things to start growing on their own.  The tall windows and raised lighting will allow the students to grow trees and vines which will help to shade other plants and allow for more natural habitat.

In the greenhouse growing conservatory, it’s always sunny!