Tom Ridge Environmental Center

About this Project

The Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania is an educational facility highlighting the natural landscapes and ecosystems of the park. Crystal Structures was brought on to provide a greenhouse for cultivating native plants to be displayed in the center.

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This growing greenhouse allows for hands-on experiences with plant life for young visitors and serves as a nursery for seedlings to mature before being transplanted around the center and park. The greenhouse itself incorporates sustainable features to aid the cultivation process:

  • Automated watering system
  • Motorized shades and vents to regulate temperature and airflow
  • Dual pane glass for safety and insulation

The greenhouse contributes to the overall sustainable design of the environmental center, which received the 2007 American Society of Landscape Architects President’s Award. As a showcase of local flora, the greenhouse plays an important role in educating visitors on the native plants and habitats of Presque Isle.

Crystal Structures applied their expertise in greenhouse manufacturing and installation to provide a customized growing space meeting the needs of the environmental center. From automated climate controls to durable glazing materials, the greenhouse was engineered to serve as a controlled environment for cultivating indigenous plant species.

As an integral part of the award-winning Tom Ridge Environmental Center, the growing greenhouse from Crystal Structures enables visitors to connect with and understand the plant life native to Presque Isle State Park.

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