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Wausau West High School

About this Project

While you may not recognize the name Wausau West High School, this Wisconsin school boasts a few notable grads including: Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO; Andy Brandt, professional hockey player; and Jerry Wunsch, NFL player for the Buccaneers and Seahawks.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

Constructed in 1970, the Wausau West High School’s last renovation was in 2002.  But the school has continued to grow, just as the type of classes continue to change.  This year the high school received an addition that included instruction space for metals, woods, and agriculture.  Crystal Structures was contracted to provide the GrowTech Greenhouse.

This greenhouse is built especially for classroom use and meets all the building codes of the actual brick-and-mortar structure. The GrowTech Greenhouse for Wausau West is made to withstand up to 38 psf of snow and up to 90 mph winds.  The greenhouse allows students to learn about agriculture in a part of the United States where farming is a major industry.  And with the GrowTech Greenhouse, peak growing season never ends!