Chariho High School Greenhouse

About this Project

The students at Chariho Regional High School (Rhode Island) are in zone denial!  They have two GrowTech greenhouses attached to their agriculture science rooms.  Designed by Crystal Structures and installed by Bacon Construction, these architectural-grade greenhouses are a wonderful way to teach about the earth no matter what the climate zone is in your area. And, the structures are made to meet existing building codes in your area – stronger than any other greenhouse when it comes to withstanding mother nature. 

Chariho High School
Chariho twin greenhouses

The students at Chariho, a rural area, are very active in Future Farmers of America (FFA) and the greenhouse becomes their laboratory for learning about global agriculture, food, fiber, and natural resources systems. Each year the students have a community plant sale at the high school greenhouse, the proceeds support FFA.  They sell vegetable plants, flowering and foliage plants, and container gardens.  The greenhouses can also showcase hanging plants for sale on the built-in accessory track, a feature only available with Crystal Structures.

Through the greenhouse, students can apply everything they learn about science, business, the technology of plant production, and environmental systems. Greenhouses are a great way to incorporate hands-on learning in any school setting.  The Chariho High School greenhouse is just one example.