Kuwahee Waste Water Treatment Plant

About this Project

At the Kuwahee Waste Water Treatment Plant in Knoxville, TN, facility managers needed to balance ample interior daylighting with easy access for maintaining and replacing large equipment. Our removable structural skylights were the perfect solution.

These innovative skylights can be lifted fully glazed and assembled on-site onto prepared curbs. The units can also be disassembled and removed to enable equipment changes and upgrades. Crystal Structures designed the custom skylights specifically for the plant’s unique needs.

Removable skylights are ideal for industrial settings like manufacturing and utility facilities that require both daylighting and equipment access. We also recommend them for spaces with steep roofs where on-curb assembly is challenging.

At Kuwahee, our removable skylight solution delivered the benefits of natural lighting without compromising equipment functionality and maintenance. Facilitating sustainable, high-performance buildings is our specialty.

Removable Skylight Crane
Removable Skylight

Some features of Crystal Structure’s Removable Structural Skylights include:

  • High-impact, hail-resistant polycarbonate glazing
  • A variety of sizes and configurations
  • Frame finishes options include Polycron and Kynar paints, as well as anodized finishes
  • Certified engineering by a licensed engineer for your state can be provided
  • The skylights have ASTM E84 Class A Flame Spread Rating, as well as an ASTM D635 Class CCI Burn Rate
  • The multi-wall opal polycarbonate has a light transmission rate of 40%, a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .39, and a U-value of .26 (Other glazing options are available upon request)

Please contact one of our technicians to discuss your specific application. CAD details and a project-specific specification can be provided upon request.

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