Lackland Air Force Base Dormitory

About this Project

Lackland Air Force Base has long been the gateway to the Air Force for many young men entering the service.  The Base recently started to add new multi-use facilities that include dorms, parking, and training space for the men.  And, being a federal project, the air force base is working towards LEED certification with the dormitory.


Skylight over pool Cavalier
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LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, provides credits for buildings that are designed to be sustainable within the environment.  One of the ways to gain LEED credits is by using daylight.  And to help obtain LEED certification, Crystal Structures was contracted to build a 61′ x 34′ translucent skylight at the apex of the atrium where troops will train.

Our Thermal Sky product was chosen for this project.  It is aluminum with polycarbonate panels containing a 1′ x 2′ internal grid.  The light allowed through the panels is diffused so light comes in but there is not a lot of glare or heat that comes with glass.  Natural lighting also saves energy, not as much need for electric lights.