Veterans Home

About this Project

When Missouri veterans are in need of long-term skilled nursing care, they have a network of facilities in the Missouri Veteran’s Homes.  The facilities located throughout Missouri provide care for 1350 of America’s finest.  In addition to the excellent food, the homes provide recreational and rehabilitative therapy, social services, and pastoral services.  The residents have all honorably served the country and an exceptional level of care is well deserved.

U of Alabama Skylight
Missouri Veterans Home

The Veteran’s Home in St. Louis boasts a stunning conservatory designed by Crystal Structures, adding to the charm of the facility. Serving as both a day room and cafeteria, this 25′ x 35′ addition is conveniently located near the main entrance.

The advantages of having a conservatory, particularly for seniors, are plentiful. They include:

  1. Enhanced quality of sleep.
  2. Increased brain stimulation.
  3. Promotion of vitamin D production.
  4. Improved overall health.

To ensure optimal functionality, the conservatory glazing consists of dual-pane Low E glass, effectively preventing heat loss and excessive heat gain. Additionally, the installation features Comfort Glide Shades©, which contribute to maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the day. These shades also serve the purpose of preventing heat loss during the night when the room is not in use.