Palmer Stables at Tanker Bay

About this Project

The historic Palmer Stables, located near the north shore of Massachusetts and now part of the Bradley Palmer State Park, features a magnificent copper-trimmed skylight in its carriage house, built between 1909 and 1924.

Over time, the carriage house and its skylight began to deteriorate and fall into disrepair. The once magnificent copper-trimmed skylight became green and warped, and the glass was broken. The task of renovating the historic skylight was a daunting challenge, considering the differences in glass technology and changes in building codes. It was crucial to ensure the preservation of the skylight’s historical significance while meeting modern safety and functional standards.

Interior of the carriage house and old skylight

The skylight’s original design and construction were of utmost importance during the restoration process. The team had to ensure that any renovations or replacements were true to the historical significance. The advances in framing and glass were immediate concerns as the historic relevance needed to be preserved. Bringing the skylight up to code was also important, and the understructure had to be reconstructed to hold the weight of the dual pane, fuel-efficient safety glass.

Crystal Structures successfully restored the skylight by using copper caps to retain its original look while bringing it up to code. The restoration project preserved the skylight’s historical significance and ensured that it met modern safety and functional standards. Thanks to this meticulous restoration, the carriage house’s historic skylight once again serves as a stunning centerpiece, reminding visitors of the property’s rich history and Bradley Palmer’s love for horses.

The successful restoration of the Palmer Stables’ historic skylight exemplifies the importance of preserving architectural heritage while adapting to modern requirements. The project showcases the expertise and craftsmanship required to strike a balance between maintaining historical integrity and ensuring functionality and safety in contemporary times.