Embassy Suites, Oklahoma City

About this Project

The vibrant Bricktown entertainment district in Oklahoma City features an elegant canopy courtesy of Crystal Structures. Located outside the entrance to the landmark Embassy Suites Hotel, the stunning addition ushers visitors into the property with graceful flair. As a premier provider of customized canopies, awnings, and solariums, Crystal Structures leverages decades of experience to create eye-catching amenities that seamlessly elevate our client’s ambiance.

Embassy Suites Canopy
Embassy Suites Canopy

The Embassy Suites canopy is a showpiece reflecting Crystal Structure’s capabilities. Expertly engineered from durable yet delicate materials, the canopy makes a statement with its subtle curvature and slope. Drawing the eye skyward provides a sense of lightness and balance to the hotel facade. The strategic use of transparency and filtered light gives the canopy an almost sculptural illusion.

Underneath the artfully designed canopy, Embassy Suites guests are now welcomed to the energetic Bricktown destination. 

The Embassy Suites’ canopy project shows Crystal Structures’ capability to work with luxury hotels and destinations.  If you have a vision for your development, speak with our team today to make it a reality.