Glenwood Resource Center

About this Project

The Glenwood Resource Center aims to support Iowans experiencing intellectual disabilities. Located in Glenwood IA, the facility has a rich history dating back to 1866. Today, it is part of The Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) and provides care to those in need.

An Upgraded Walkway Improves Access and Safety

Crystal Structures recently completed an upgrade to the Glenwood Resource Center’s main entrance walkway. The 143′ long ramp allows protected access across the entire front façade of the building.

Glenwood Resource Center
Barrel Walway cover
Glenwood Resource Center

The curved walkway uses bronze-tinted polycarbonate glazing set within a Bel Aire style frame. This material enables the unique barrel vault design while still allowing natural light to filter through. The bronzed glazing also provides a unified aesthetic matching the existing brick exterior.

An integrated lighting track was also installed to illuminate the walkway at night. The ramp’s overhead coverage and lighting aim to improve accessibility and safety for visitors and residents alike. The striking addition can be seen from above using aerial views.

By leveraging polycarbonate glazing rather than glass, the new walkway combines form and function. The material could easily conform to the specified shape while still affording weather resistance and durability to benefit the facility for years to come.