Lawrenceburg Event Center

  • Product: Canopies
  • Architect: Blackburn Architects of Indiana
    Contractor: Blakely’s Corporation
  • Specs:
  • CSI Code: 
  • 24521

About this Project

The porte-cochere at the Lawrenceburg Event Center provides important benefits for the safety, liability protection, and comfort of guests. This large canopy structure extends from the main entrance over the driveway, providing shelter from the elements for people getting in and out of vehicles.

A porte-cochere is a roofed structure extending from the entrance of a building over an adjacent driveway used to shelter those getting in or out of vehicles. The term was first used in 1698 and literally means “coach gate” or “carriage porch.”

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

The center hosts weddings, conferences, poker tournaments, and even concerts. With all the activity, it’s only natural that the original architecture called for a “carriage porch” to protect guests from the potential bad weather.

The sturdy roof over the drop-off area is an important safety feature, protecting guests from potential slips or falls on wet or icy pavement. The covered driveway also reduces the venue’s liability, as event hosts have a duty to maintain safe conditions for invitees. Providing a slip-resistant surface under a protective overhang shows reasonable care for patrons’ wellbeing.

Beyond pragmatic concerns, the porte-cochere also adds aesthetic value and increases comfort. The style and proportions complement the event center’s architecture, creating an inviting facade. Stepping under the canopy on a rainy or snowy day, guests can avoid getting drenched before entering the venue. The shelter makes for a more pleasant arrival experience.

Located adjacent to the DoubleTree Hotel, the Lawrenceburg Event Center is an ideal venue for regional events, meetings, and social affairs. With versatile spaces including an 18,000 sq ft exhibition hall, 7,500 sq ft ballroom, and 12,000 sq ft of meeting rooms, it can accommodate everything from business conferences to trade shows, weddings, and concerts.

Crystal Structures was pleased to provide the canopies for Lawrenceburg Event Center and DoubleTree Hotel. The largest of the porte-cochere canopies measures 28′ x 40′ – ample size to cover more than a couple of vehicles at the same time.

The porte-cochere is just one example of the thoughtful design and hospitality that make this historic river town venue a go-to gathering place in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. The covered entryway demonstrates the venue’s commitment to comfort and service.