Lawrenceburg Event Center

  • Product: Canopies
  • Architect: Blackburn Architects of Indiana
    Contractor: Blakely’s Corporation
  • Specs:
  • CSI Code: 
  • 24521

About this Project

A porte-cochere is a roofed structure extending from the entrance of a building over an adjacent driveway used to shelter those getting in or out of vehicles.   The term was first used in 1698 and literally means “coach gate” or “carriage porch.”  While you might not be familiar with the term, the modern-day porte-cochere is a common site at hotels and venues across the United States.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

One such venue is the Lawrenceburg Event Center located at 91 Walnut St in Lawrenceburg Indiana.  The event center is adjacent to a Double Tree (by Hilton) hotel which also has a smaller port-cochere.

Lawrenceburg is located on the southwestern outskirts of Cinncinati OH.  Nicknamed “Whiskey City USA” for the liquor trade during prohibition, it’s a small community founded in 1802 which became an important trading center for riverboats traveling the Ohio River.

The event center is a comfortable size offering:

  • 18,000 square foot exhibition/concert facility
  • 7,500 square foot Ballroom
  • 12,000 square feet of meeting  rooms/board rooms


The center hosts weddings, conferences, poker tournaments, and even concerts.  With all the activity, it’s only natural that the original architecture called for a “carriage porch” to protect guests from the potential bad weather.

Crystal Structures was pleased to provide the canopies for Lawrenceburg Event Center and DoubleTree Hotel.  The largest of the porte-cochere canopies measures 28′ x 40′ – ample size to cover more than a couple of vehicles at the same time.