Promised Land Baptist Church

About this Project

Crystal Structures, the commercial division of Sunshine Rooms Inc, designed and installed a unique pyramid-shaped skylight for The Promise Land Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Rising approximately 12 feet above the roofline, the roughly 22-foot square skylight caps the church with daylight and symbolism.

From the exterior, the skylight is a distinct architectural feature for the church and surrounding community. The pyramid shape, topped with a cross, creates an unmistakable silhouette that has become iconic for the neighborhood. Inside the sanctuary below, the skylight floods the space with natural light in a way that connects churchgoers to the divine.

While not a new project for Crystal Structures, the skylight remains a highlight of the church which was originally built around 2005 by Abel Construction. Under the leadership of Bishop Michael Priester, The Promise Land Baptist Church continues its mission of community service including providing bicycles for youth, serving as a platform for local politicians, and operating a child care facility. The skylight Crytal Structures installed over a decade ago still supports the congregation’s spiritual identity through its unique design.

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