Promised Land Baptist Church

About this Project

The Promise Land Baptist Church, Louisville KY, is a big part of their local community. With the leadership of Bishop Michael Priester, the church has served the community by providing 100 bicycles for youth in need, serving as a platform for the local mayor to reach his constituency, and most recently opening a child care facility.

The church was built around 2005 by Abel Construction.  Originally named “Von Spiegel Missionary Baptist Church” it has remained a very modern-looking structure.  Crystal Structures, the commercial side of Sunshine Rooms Inc, provided the pyramid-shaped glazed skylight at the very apex.  On the inside, the skylight provides daylighting in a way that reminds the congregants that He is the Light of their lives.   Topped with a cross, this makes a very distinct silhouette in the neighborhood.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier