Reno County Corrections Facility

About this Project

In April 2013 the residents of Reno County Kansas decided it was time to put money into a new jail facility.  The inmates were jailed in a 40 year old facility and a nearby revamped auto repair business.  It was hardly an ideal situation. The jail often reached temperatures of over 100 degrees during the Summer.  There was no way to properly segregate inmates and allow a proper work release program.

The 28.9 million bond was achieved with a small increase in taxes that purchased a spacious facility that was safe for all inmates – and air-conditioned! With 200 beds for inmates and another 50 beds for work release, the new jail was ready for inmates to move in on August 12, 2015.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Translucent poly panels for daylighting

The jail makes good use of daylighting with translucent poly panels that provide natural lighting without the concerns of glass.  The panels are resistant to physical and ballistic attacks and they have the ability to withstand extreme wear and tear.  Containment-grade polycarbonate glazing, which is made from multiple layers of polycarbonate and thin urethane bonding layers, is natural for prisons.

When night falls it’s the translucent poly panels light the prison from within, it’s quite a sight on the horizon.

Skylight over pool Cavalier