Reno County Corrections Facility

About this Project

Translucent Polycarbonate Panels Provide Safe Daylighting for Reno County Jail

In the new Reno County Jail facility completed in August 2015, translucent polycarbonate panels manufactured and installed by Crystal Structures allow ample natural light to enter the building while providing the security and durability required in a correctional setting.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight

The $28.9 million jail replaced an outdated 40-year-old facility and now offers a spacious, air-conditioned environment with 200 beds for inmates and an additional 50 beds for work release programs. A key feature of the new jail is the use of containment-grade polycarbonate glazing for daylighting.

The translucent panels, made from multiple layers of polycarbonate bonded with thin urethane layers, allow natural light to penetrate the building without the safety concerns associated with traditional glass. The panels are highly resistant to physical and ballistic attacks and can withstand the extreme wear and tear common in correctional facilities.

The polycarbonate panels not only provide a more humane environment for inmates by allowing natural light, but also create an impressive visual effect at night when the jail is illuminated from within. The translucent quality of the panels creates a striking sight on the horizon, emphasizing the modern design and construction of the new facility.

By incorporating these advanced translucent polycarbonate panels, Crystal Structures has helped to create a safer, more secure, and visually impressive correctional facility for Reno County.

Skylight over pool Cavalier