Richland County Library

About this Project

A Vibrant Welcome to the Richland County Library System

The Richland County Library system in South Carolina is an invaluable community resource, consisting of twelve branch locations that provide education, technology access, and more to area residents. As part of recent upgrades, the North Main branch location sought to create an inspirational space that encourages reading, learning, and connection.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
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Multi-Colored Canopy

To set the tone for the state-of-the-art facility from the outset, the library brought on Crystal Structures to design and manufacture a stunning three-part canopy for the building’s entrance. The canopies intermix vibrant shades of green, blue, and white polycarbonate paneling to immediately welcome visitors with the same colorful, uplifting ambiance they will find inside.

The canopies extend across the front of the building in the following dimensions:

  • 10’ x 13’ furthest from entrance
  • 10’ x 26’ in the center above doors
  • 13’ x 14’ over main entrance

Beyond the functional purpose of providing shade and shelter to visitors, the dynamic canopy design makes a powerful visual statement that reflects the North Main branch’s focus as a hub of creativity, growth, and connection for the community. The structure stands as symbolic invitation to all who pass by.

The eye-catching installation has been well received not only by library patrons, but also by the construction teams involved. The project was completed with the help of Robert Bates Company, who recommended bringing Crystal Structures on board to handle the specialty canopy portions that have become such a distinctive and beloved feature of the new facility.

The vibrant canopy is just a small preview into what the innovatively designed North Main location offers visitors of all ages and backgrounds. More than just books, the space provides an enriching experience focused on encouraging learning, expression, and growth. The Richland Country Library system has given the community yet another reason to get excited about libraries with its gorgeous new North Main gem.