Heritage Elementary School

About this Project

Heritage Elementary in Tahlequah, OK features a unique architectural design that cleverly disguises the actual size of the building using tiered metal roofing. A standout feature of the school is the saddle skylight by Crystal Structures located above the commons area, in the center of the school’s roof.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

The skylight measures an impressive 25′ in length and spans 20′ across the ridge of the roof, allowing ample natural daylight to flood the interior space below. Crystal Structures’ expertise in designing and constructing high-quality skylights is evident in this project, as the saddle skylight seamlessly integrates with the school’s roof design.

The inclusion of natural daylight in educational facilities has been shown to enhance the students’ ability to focus and remain engaged in daily activities. By incorporating the Crystal Structures skylight, Heritage Elementary provides a more conducive learning environment for its students, from pre-kindergarten to 4th grade.

As a former project profile, the Crystal Structures skylight at Heritage Elementary showcases the company’s commitment to creating innovative and functional daylighting solutions for educational spaces.

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