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Sanford Health’s facility in Sioux Falls features a large open-air courtyard between two buildings. To allow natural light into the space while protecting people from the elements, Sanford commissioned a massive skylight roof system from Crystal Structures.

Sanford health
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The double-hipped translucent skylight measures 62’ wide by 114’ long, spanning nearly the entire courtyard. By filtering daylight into the indoor areas surrounding the courtyard, the skylight provides beautiful natural illumination while reducing the need for artificial lighting.

The installation required precision planning and execution. Photos document the step-by-step process as the curved acrylic panels were mounted on the structural aluminum frame. Now complete, the skylight bathes the courtyard and adjacent halls in soft, diffused light.

The transformative skylight roof is a striking architectural feature of the building complex. Beyond aesthetics, it promotes sustainability and wellness. Employees and patients alike will benefit from the connection to outdoors and exposure to natural sunlight in an enclosed space. The skylight roof reflects Sanford Health’s commitment to create healing environments.