Sauk Rapids-Rice High School

About this Project

Crystal Structures, a leading greenhouse manufacturer, constructed an architectural-grade lean-to greenhouse measuring approximately 21′ x 15′ on the grounds of Sauk Rapids-Rice High School. This state-of-the-art greenhouse offers students a stunning view of the beautiful Minnesota prairie.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

The greenhouse serves a crucial role in the high school’s science curriculum, particularly biology and environmental science. It provides an ideal controlled environment for students to study plant growth and development year-round. As a living laboratory, the greenhouse allows students to directly observe how factors like temperature, light, humidity, and nutrients impact plants.

By conducting hands-on experiments in the greenhouse, students gain valuable scientific skills – forming hypotheses, collecting data, analyzing results, and interpreting findings using the scientific method. The greenhouse promotes interdisciplinary learning across STEM fields like physics and chemistry as well. Students can explore concepts like light transmission, reflection, soil composition, and plant nutrition.

Additionally, witnessing the effects of climate control and resource management firsthand fosters in students a deeper appreciation of the environment and sustainable practices. The greenhouse instills a sense of responsibility toward conserving natural resources.

This architectural-grade greenhouse installed by Crystal Structures plays a vital role in Sauk Rapids-Rice High School’s science curriculum. It provides a practical learning environment for students to explore the world of plants and apply key scientific concepts.