First & Main Senior Living Centers

About this Project

As more of society is growing older, the need for more assisted living facilities is growing.  These homes, nestled in busy communities, allow aging citizens to have a vibrant, independent life while getting the care they need.  First & Main is culturally redefining what it means to age. First & Main currently has five senior living centers in development.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

By including a solarium in each development, First & Main is ensuring that residents are able to get plenty of sunshine even when the weather doesn’t permit being outside. One of the issues facing older citizens is lack of sunshine which helps increase vitamin D, necessary for bone health.  Crystal Structures is pleased to be providing these glazed structures in each of the five facilities.

Two facilities; New Albany, Ohio and Lewis Center, Ohio are already complete. The photos below show identical 12′ x 21′ lean-to style solariums in colors that match the trim on each building.