Crystal Structures Skylights

Short Street Parking Garage

  • Product: Canopy
  • Location: Columbia, MO
  • Contractor: Killian Construction
  • Engineering: Peckham & Wright Architects
  • Specs:
  • CSI Code: 
  • 24519

About this Project

The “District” in Columbia MO is a vibrant, eclectic community.  The area is bounded by 3 colleges and covers an area of 50 square blocks.  In that area, there are 300 individual properties and over 600 businesses serving an eclectic group of people who live, work, and play in the neighborhood.

Short Street Parking

When you have a creative local community of this size, you need parking – and a lot of it!

The Short Street parking garage was built to serve not only the new Doubletree Hotel but also provides daily and short-term parking for the neighborhood.  There are over 423 parking spaces in the garage including metered parking on the first level.

The parking garage has a unique facade featuring decorative wire mesh. This wire mesh design is repeated under the glass in the 18 canopies provided by Crystal Structures.