Short Street Parking Garage

  • Product: Canopy
  • Location: Columbia, MO
  • Contractor: Killian Construction
  • Engineering: Peckham & Wright Architects
  • Specs:
  • CSI Code: 
  • 24519

About this Project

The Short Street parking garage in Columbia, Missouri was built to serve the vibrant “District” neighborhood as well as the new Doubletree Hotel. The garage features over 423 parking spaces on multiple levels, including metered parking on the first floor.

Short Street Parking

What makes this parking garage truly unique is the decorative facade and canopies designed and installed by Crystal Structures. The garage contains 18 stunning canopies made of wire mesh below large panes of glass. This mesh design is repeated on the exterior facade of the building, creating a cohesive and eye-catching look.

The canopies create a bright and welcoming environment compared to most parking garages. The canopies also provide shelter and shade for pedestrians entering and exiting the garage. Their artistic design matches the eclectic, creative vibe of the surrounding neighborhood.

Crystal Structures is known for designing, manufacturing, and installing all types of canopies.  The 18 custom canopies in the Short Street parking garage demonstrate their ability to manufacture unique designs. The wire mesh canopies have quickly become an iconic focal point in Columbia’s vibrant District.