Sioux Falls Water Treatment Plant

About this Project

Ensuring Safe Passage Between Vital Buildings Even in Harsh Weather

At the Sioux Falls SD Water Purification Plant, a staff of 35 works tirelessly year-round to provide clean drinking water to the greater metro area, purifying between 16 million and 45 million gallons daily. This elaborate process of pumping, filtering, and testing removes over 100 potential chemical contaminants from the water.

Sioux Falls Walkway
Skylight over pool Cavalier

​Since the plant operates continuously, staff must regularly traverse between buildings in all weather conditions. To enable safe passage while protecting staff from the elements, Crystal Structures designed and installed a glazed walkway and vestibule connection between two key buildings.

The 50-foot long primary walkway features a 7-foot projection that runs along one building, then follows a short flight of stairs to turn a corner and enter the adjacent structure. The custom-designed tempered glass panels and aluminum framing form a weather-tight seal while allowing natural light to permeate the corridor.

For staff accustomed to moving between industrial buildings through ice, snow, rain and cold, the glazed walkway is a welcome respite. The transparent panels foster a feeling of openness and connection to the outdoors, boosting morale even on the gloomiest winter day in South Dakota. More importantly, by sheltering the path between two critical buildings, the walkway improves safety and ensures water treatment operators can monitor and access all aspects of the plant regardless of the weather.

The glazed passage designed by Crystal Structures enables the dedicated Sioux Falls water treatment personnel to continue providing clean, safe drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people, through all seasons. Their commitment to public health and safety is now supported by a walkway engineered for protection, visibility and durability.