World Wide Technology Stadium Solarium

  • Product: Solarium
  • Location: St Louis MO
  • Specs:
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  • 23105

About this Project

The World Wide Technology Soccer Park in St. Louis, Missouri is home to several soccer teams and leagues. When the facility underwent major renovations in 2012, Crystal Structures was brought in to construct a glazed solarium that serves as more than just a spectator area. This versatile solarium adds a unique space for fans to dine and hold events while watching games in a climate-controlled setting.

Soccer Stadium Solarium
Solarium at FC Stadium

Spanning 84 feet long by 20 feet deep, the solarium features ample seating capacities for meals and gatherings. The glass ceiling and walls allow natural light to flood the area while protecting guests from the elements. Photos showcase sleek designs of tables and decor conducive to events alongside open sightlines to view the soccer pitch.

Crafted by Crystal Structures’ experienced design and manufacturing team, this solarium has become a highlight destination at the park. Under its transparent roof, fans can comfortably watch the soccer action while enjoying food and drinks or private events. The multi-use space added modern dining and amenities to match the wider upgrades made to the facilities in 2012.

With the solarium’s blend of form and function, World Wide Technology Soccer Park solidified itself as a premier venue able to host games and more. The structure reflects the park’s ongoing commitment to providing unique fan experiences.

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