Sports Hall of Fame

About this Project

The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Natural History Museum in Natchitoches has a uniquely designed building to showcase the state’s athletic history against the backdrop of its natural landscape. One standout architectural feature is the dramatic skylight constructed by Crystal Structures that floods the curving halls with natural light.

The skylight itself is an irregular quadrilateral shape, measuring 29’ x 25’ x 18’ x 17’. Engineering and installing a skylight of this odd dimension presents structural challenges. However, the effect it creates as sunlight streams down through the museum’s winding paths is breathtaking. The diffused natural light evokes the feeling of being outdoors under the canopy of trees that dot the Louisiana landscape.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

The dappled lighting also highlights the exhibits that trace the state’s rich sports history. As visitors stroll through the museum, the skylight by Crystal Structures bathes athlete memorabilia in an almost ethereal glow. Its unique shape and positioning are designed to specifically illuminate the display cases scattered along the hall’s organic contours. The skylight brings together the museum’s two focuses—sports icons and the local environment—through the interplay of athletics artifacts and ambient natural lighting.

The one-of-a-kind skylight adds aesthetic interest to the building while serving the functional purpose of spotlighting the Louisiana sports greats honored within. Much like the luminaries showcased, the Sunshine Rooms’ Crystal Structures skylight stands out as a star feature of the museum.