West Des Moines Fire Station 17

About this Project

When the West Des Moines Fire Department decided to renovate Fire Station #17, they wanted to upgrade more than just fixtures and appliances. They wanted to enhance the lighting and ambiance of the 1991 building as well. That’s why they contracted Crystal Structures to install new skylights throughout the station.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

The most eye-catching addition is the large, approximately 15-foot square pyramid skylight installed above the station’s entrance. Allowing ample natural light to flood the foyer and reception area, this grand skylight makes a bold first impression on visiting community members.

In addition to the entryway skylight, Crystal Structures added three new 6-foot by 6-foot pyramid skylights in other areas of the station. These supplementary skylights contribute to brighter and more inviting spaces for the 23 on-call firefighters and department leadership.

Although not the largest project for Crystal Structures, contributing these custom skylights to Fire Station #17 was a worthwhile endeavor. The firefighters of West Des Moines protect families across this thriving Iowa suburb. By enhancing their workplace, the new skylights uplift those who serve the community around the clock.

The pyramid skylights by Crystal Structures improved both the aesthetics and functionality of the fire station. Their expertise brought more light and visual appeal to this civic structure. Most importantly, the project gave back to the brave firefighters who sacrificed so much for West Des Moines residents.