Stop & Shop Floral Department

About this Project

Crystal Structures designed and built a custom glazed addition for the floral department at the Stop & Shop supermarket in Bristol, CT. This project added much-needed space to merchandise floral arrangements and gift items.

The addition has 3 segmented sections adjoined to the store’s rear corner, extending out about 15 feet with a 12-foot frontage. The roughly 180 square feet creates a light-filled area to highlight the floral displays.

The transparent glass walls and ceiling let in natural sunlight to brighten the department. The visibility also helps draw customer attention. The open design creates an appealing, welcoming atmosphere.

Crystal Structures collaborated with the Stop & Shop facilities team to complete the project. The floral department leadership credits the structure with boosting sales thanks to the enticing displays.

This custom-glazed extension serves as an excellent example of Crystal Structures’ capabilities to design and construct customized additions tailored to clients’ needs. The natural lighting and transparency—along with the boost in merchandising space—have made this project a success for the Bristol floral team.

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