Manteno Metro Center

About this Project

Along highway 57, about 50 miles South of the Chicago loop is Manteno IL.  Population 9300 this agricultural suburb was settled on a tract of land given to Manteno Bourbonnais, the daughter of François Bourbonnais Jr. François’s father was a fur trapper and agent for the American Fur Company, owned by John Jacob Astor.  (If you followed your history, you’ll know that Astor was the first multi-millionaire in the US, making his money from furs and real estate.)

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

Today Manteno is home to Sears and KMart distribution centers, both major employers.  The city is connected to surrounding suburbs and the Chicago metro area via the mass transit system.  And if you want to catch the bus into Chi-Town, you’ll end up at the Manteno Metro Center.

To make your wait more comfortable, you’ll be able to sit or stand under two translucent canopies. The canopies provided by Crystal Structures are 13′ wide and just over 32′ long with a multi-radius configuration giving a bit of oriental flair.