Derby Middle School

About this Project

When you’re town is growing, the schools have to grow too! For several years the 6th graders in Derby Kansas, a close suburb of Wichita, all went to a school separate from the elementary students but not with the middle school students. In 2012 a bond issue was passed allowing for the construction of a brand new middle school along with renovations to the current middle school. The new and renovated middle schools would serve all 6th – 8th grade students in the Derby school district.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

While the school itself was built to mirror the existing middle school, there are special touches like extra deep shelves in science classrooms and specialty spaces in smaller classrooms. Derby North has two gymnasiums, wrestling and weight rooms. The open cafeteria doubles as an auditorium with floor to ceiling windows. FEMA storm shelters were built as music and orchestra space.

Keeping them in the shade with translucent canopy cover.

Greeting the students is a long canopy with green frame provided by Crystal Structures.  The main translucent canopy is 84′ long by 15′ wide and stretches along the full length of the school leading up to main doors.  The canopy itself is built as a low slope with monolithic glazing by Palram.

An additional translucent canopy on the opposite side of the school measures 11′ x 71′. Learn more about our glazed canopy systems here.

The school also has 30 canopy sunshades above each window measuring 5′ wide by up to 14′ long in some places. The sunshades add to the architectural look of the school while helping reduce the amount of glare from direct sunlight.