Derby Middle School

About this Project

Keeping Derby North Middle School Students in the Shade with Translucent Canopy Cover

When Derby North Middle School was constructed in 2012 to accommodate the growing student population in Derby, Kansas, special attention was given to providing shade and reducing glare from direct sunlight. To achieve this, Crystal Structures provided a range of polycarbonate canopies and awnings featuring glazing by Palram Americas. These structures not only enhance the architectural look of the school but also provide functional benefits.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

Main Entrance Canopy Greeting the students is an impressive 84′ long by 15′ wide translucent canopy with a green frame. This low-slope canopy stretches along the full length of the school, leading up to the main doors. The canopy features monolithic glazing by Palram Americas, providing excellent light transmission while offering protection from the elements.

Additional Canopy on Opposite Side On the opposite side of the school, an additional translucent canopy measuring 11′ x 71′ was installed. This canopy, also featuring Palram Americas’ polycarbonate glazing, provides further shade and shelter for students and staff.

Window Sunshades To reduce glare from direct sunlight, 30 canopy sunshades were installed above each window. These sunshades measure 5′ wide and up to 14′ long in some places. They not only add to the architectural appeal of the school but also help create a more comfortable learning environment by minimizing the impact of harsh sunlight.

The polycarbonate canopies and awnings provided by Crystal Structures, featuring glazing by Palram Americas, have become an integral part of Derby North Middle School’s design, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. These translucent structures ensure that students can enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements and excessive glare.

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