New Hampshire National Guard Training Center

About this Project

The New Hampshire Army National Guard Regional Training Institute in Pembroke may be new, but the plans were in the works for a long time before the facility was started.  The two buildings total almost 100k sq feet of barracks and training space for troops, much needed since the 2001 ramp up of the military.

Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

The training facility features a large multipurpose area, simulation center, classrooms, auditorium and physical fitness center. The many officers and warrant officer candidates can also stay at the facility in the barracks unit which can host 136 men and women in training.

Unit skylights for daylighting

For this project, Crystal Structures was contracted to provide 6 – 5′ x 5′ pyramid unit skylights which provided natural light to the facility.  The natural daylight was just one of the components to gaining LEED Silver status for the Pembroke facility.  

Unit skylights are an effective yet simple way to add natural light on virtually any rooftop, like these at the Kroc Salvation Army Center which utilized rectangular, single slop units.   Learn more about our skylight systems here.