John S Toll Science Center at Washington College

About this Project

Washington College, a private institution in Chestertown, Maryland, is not only the first college chartered after American independence in 1782 but also the only school that George Washington helped to fund. The college’s unique location between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic beaches provides students pursuing environmental study degrees with ample outdoor opportunities. However, for controlled studies and during inclement weather, the college relies on a state-of-the-art research greenhouse manufactured and installed by Crystal Structures.

John S Toll Science Ctr
John S Toll Science Ctr

Located on the third story of the John S Toll Science Center, the greenhouse is a true research facility designed to support scientific research and experimentation. Unlike typical garden greenhouses used for recreational or hobbyist gardening, research greenhouses like the one at Washington College are constructed with larger and more complex features, including multiple rooms or sections with specialized environments.

Crystal Structures, a leading manufacturer of custom greenhouse solutions, designed and built the Washington College greenhouse to meet the specific needs of the institution’s research objectives. The greenhouse features three separate rooms, allowing students to control conditions and separate plants into different growing areas. This enables them to study plant growth and development in a controlled environment, supporting their career paths in agronomy, climatology, and similar earth-based studies.

The research greenhouse manufactured by Crystal Structures is equipped with advanced features that allow students to complete studies on climates, conservation, and energy. The company’s expertise in creating tailored greenhouse solutions has provided Washington College with a valuable asset for their environmental studies program, offering students hands-on experience in a professional-grade research facility.

By collaborating with Crystal Structures, Washington College has enhanced its ability to provide students with the tools and resources necessary to excel in their chosen fields of study. The research greenhouse stands as a testament to the college’s commitment to providing cutting-edge facilities and the manufacturer’s dedication to creating innovative greenhouse solutions for educational institutions and research centers alike.