WE Energies

About this Project

While most of our glazed structures provide beautiful views of where people live and work, sometimes we get a project that is quite unique like the WE Energies project. WE Energies provides electricity to many customers in Wisconsin.


Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

Located on the shore of Lake Michigan and straddling two Wisconsin counties, the WE Energies plant on Elm Road underwent a renovation and expansion which allowed the storage of coal to assure ongoing power to state residents. As part of the renovation, free-standing windscreens were added near the service building entrance.

Polycarbonate for windscreens?

There are seven wind screens in total, all made with 25mm clear polycarbonate glazing. Five of the wind screens are ground mounted measuring 5′ x 10′ with glazing panels 5′ x 9′. The remaining two polycarbonate wind screens of the same size are wall-mounted. The effect is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing a much-needed wind break for the entry way into the building.

In addition to the polycarbonate wind screens, Crystal Structures also provided two canopies and a glazed enclosure, all glazed with translucent polycarbonate.