WE Energies

About this Project

While most of our glazed structures provide beautiful views, sometimes we get unique projects like the WE Energies plant renovation. As part of modernizing the  Lake Michigan facility, free-standing windscreens were added near the entrance to shield it from strong winds.


Cavalier Hotel Skylight
Skylight over pool Cavalier

Polycarbonate Ideal for Wind Protection

We utilized polycarbonate, an extremely durable yet lightweight material. There are seven 25mm thick clear polycarbonate wind screens in total. Five ground-mounted screens measure 5’ x 10’, with glazing panels of 5’ x 9’. The other two identical polycarbonate screens are wall-mounted, creating a consistent aesthetic.

The layered polycarbonate sheets block wind and debris while allowing light to pass through. This delivers the needed windbreak without obstructing views of the lakeshore surroundings. Polycarbonate is also impact-resistant and insulative, important qualities for an exposed site prone to inclement Great Lakes weather.

Beyond the windscreens, visitors pass through polycarbonate canopies and enclosures on their way inside. The material’s resilience and transparency met all the demands for modernizing public entry areas in this challenging environment. Though different from our usual stunning installations, form and function still shine through thanks to polycarbonate’s unique qualities.